TMR Plumbing services all areas of Brisbane with widespread experience in maintenance plumbing in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


Our plumbers are on call 24/7 for any unexpected emergencies. Customers can expect efficient work to an impeccable standard, great rates and thorough clean up on completion.




Tyron Rathbone is our plumbing supervisor and he has extensive experience which will meet your needs. He has a strong background in domestic maintenance plumbing, as well as years experience with commercial maintenance and commercial and residential construction.


He is passionate about providing neat and professional work that is executed with efficiency. He enjoys finding the root cause of the problem and ensuring it is repaired correctly so that it does not reoccur.



Here are some more reasons our happy customers choose TMR Plumbing



  • "Tyron is fantastic at what he does and such a lovely bloke. He was on time, able to diagnose the problem we had with both bathrooms and was carrying all the replacement parts to fix them in one go...he was completely done within half an hour. I'd highly recommend Tyron to anyone  who needed help with their plumbing."


  • "Great service, Ty was at my house 30mins after I called and did a great job. Would definitely recommend"


  • "Thank you so much for the lovely job you did with the sink replacement . It was so nice to come home to find everything done so well and the house clean! Impressed"


  • "Thank you so much Tyron! Exceptional service, prompt & professional. You installed a new spout for the bath tub and stopped our toilet from having this on-going running water problem. You explained the process involved and quoted early the reasonable prices. I highly recommend you to everyone."



Why Choose Us?

 TMR Plumbing services all areas of Brisbane with widespread experience in maintenance plumbing in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


Our plumbers are on call 24/7 for any unexpected emergencies. Customers can expect efficient work to an impeccable standard, great rates and thorough clean up on completion.











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 At TMR Plumbing our servicemen carry reliable drain cleaning equipment on board the vehicles at all times.

This ensures we are ready for any type of blocked drain, whether it be a large sewer pipe or a blocked shower or basin. We're ready for all situations and we don't mind getting our hands dirty!














Blocked Drains
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At TMR Plumbing we can locate and repair all types of water leaks, including those that require excavation. We can repair all indoor and outdoor leaks on water pipes, drains, gutters and downpipes.













Water Leaks

 We can service and repair all types of taps from garden taps to kitchen mixers and more.

Leaking taps could cost you a lot of money in excess water usage and should be repaired immediately. We can also supply and install new tapware. 














Tap Servicing

We all know how inconvenient a blocked toilet can be. TMR Plumbing can provide you with a speedy solution by unblocking your toilet or urinal. We can discuss options to potentially help avoid the problem in future.


Leaking toilets can also waste large amounts of water and end up costing you a lot of money. Some slow leaking toilets may go undetected for weeks. If you suspect your cistern to be leaking it is best to have TMR Plumbing investigate and advise on the integrity of the valves within the cistern.














Leaking & Blocked Toilets

 TMR Plumbing can provide expert drainage for your new kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation. We can also repair or re-position drains if necessary.















TMR Plumbing is happy to assist with the installation of your new dishwasher or washing machine. We can also install pipework to service new fridges that require a water feed, and organise removal of the old appliances.













Appliance Installation

 We all know how bad a Queensland storm can be! We can install extra down pipes to help alleviate water flow through existing downpipes and ensure water is not pooling in your gutters.

We can also install new downpipes on patios and extensions and connect them to existing in ground stormwater drains.

New stormwater pits can be installed and stormwater drainage solutions provided.














Stormwater & Downpipes

  From entire hot water system replacements to leaking fittings and faulty valves, TMR Plumbing can assist you with all aspects of hot water system problems. We can help track down faults and organise an electrician if need be.


















Hot Water Systems
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  Garbage disposal units are an extremely handy appliance to have installed in a kitchen. We can install new garbage disposal units into sinks and replace existing faulty units.














Garbage Disposal Units

 Roof leaks can potentially have a damaging effect on the interior of a house or business premises.

We can access the roof and track down and eliminate the source of the roof leak. We can also provide recommendation for contractors to repair any interior damage.














Roof Leaks
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 Water tank installation can save a household a great deal of money in the long run. We can provide rainwater harvesting options to suit every need.

Toilets, garden taps and washing machine taps are all able to be fed by rainwater, potentially saving hundreds of dollars annually. We can install new rainwater pumps and arrange for repairs of existing pumps.















Water Tanks & Pumps
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If you feel your water usage is too high, we can supply and install a wide range of water saving and flow restriction devices.

If you are looking to rent out your property and require a water audit, we can test fixtures to ensure they are compliant with current standards and recommend solutions to ensure all fixtures comply. We will supply a Water Efficiency Certificate upon completion.















Water Saving Devices

If you require any further details about our plumbing services, or would like a free quote, please get in touch. Our plumbers are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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